Gravitas Coffee

About Us


A year traveling weekly from New Jersey to Seattle ignited a passion for coffee that could not be satisfied. Every waking moment spent learning, exploring, intensive training, created our vision for the authentic coffee experience - Gravitas

Starting with our cafe located in Spring Lake New Jersey in 2014 the dream was launched.  We are grateful to our customers for their support as we brought forward our concept of Gravitas Coffee integrating the idea of  perfection in a cup to their breakfast and lunch experience.  

Gravitas is defined as “Seriousness and importance of manner, causing feelings of respect and trust in others.” When some people walk into a room, others take notice. When they speak, others listen. 

At Gravitas we take your coffee experience seriously and recognize the importance of consistency, quality, and trust striving to deliver the highest quality seriously amazing coffee.

We encourage you to "attack your day the gravitas way."