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At Gravitas we are obsessed with delivering products of the highest quality to our customers, which is at the heart of why we do what we do, driving a coffee lifestyle that engages communities helping others to live their best story every day. 

About Us



Our curated coffee is created from family-farmed direct trade sources locally roasted in small batches.

Our coffees are roasted in a certified organic kosher K facility, and include certified fair-trade and Rainforest Alliance Certified Selections.



Real people dedicated to delivering authenticity to every experience. 

Selecting Gravitas is selecting the authentic coffeehouse experience whether at one of our locations or savoring your morning brew from the comfort of your home.



Whether you purchase direct or visit a location for a grab-n-go or stay to work, play, or meet up with friends, we strive to be your place of choice.  

Our team is obsessed with providing an experience that exceeds expectations every visit. 

We think of our customers as friends and smile as memories and special moments are made driving a coffee lifestyle that helps others live their best story everyday.   

Giving Gravitas


Hardwired in the core of our company culture is a spirit of giving and a strong commitment to conducting business in a manner that is socially responsible.  

Sustainable Sourcing

We source products in a responsible manner, dedicated to buying 100% ethically sourced coffee, through direct trade, helping farmers and their families. Buying direct promotes sustainable business for future generations.

Reducing Footprint

Each coffee shop is built using green building principles, designing, constructing and operating buildings to maximize occupant health and productivity, using fewer resources, reducing waste and negative environmental impacts, to decrease life cycle costs.

Waste and energy reduction programs are in effect including our reusable cup program where customers that bring reusable cups are given a discount. Reusable cups are also available for purchase at our locations and are given the same discount each time they are refilled.  

Gravitas Gives Program

Gravitas gives program supports local charities, communities, and schools. We are encouraged everyday by making a difference in our communities, and charitable organizations. 

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